Save Big: Cut Your Top 5 Costs and Save Thousands

by Elisabeth Leamy Diane Sawyer Robin Roberts In SAVE BIG Not Small Leamy puts saving in perspective Her philosophy is to save a lot of money on a few things rather than a little bit of money on a bunch of things Why give up life s little pleasures when you can save more money

The Real Cost of Living

Carmen Wong Ulrich takes a look at many different aspects of people s lives Each chapter looks at the potential costs and benefits of the life changing decisions people make every day buying a home getting married or divorced having a family etc Ulrich examines each decision and discusses what the impact could be on

The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need

You ve probably got the original it was a million-copy best seller so here s a revised version covering new laws and the joys of the Internet Everything is up-to-date here it would be a risk to miss this the eighth edition For more than thirty years The Only Investment Guide You ll Ever Need

Best Personal Budget books

Top Personal Budget books Bonnie s Household Budget Book The Essential Guide for Getting Control of Your Money About the Author Bonnie Runyan McCullough a professional home-manager lives in Lakewood Colorado She is the author of Totally Organized Bonnie s Household Organizer and Ways to Get Your Kids to Work at Home Family Budget hellip

Basic Personal Finance Terms

The glossary contains definitions to thousands of financial terms with a focus on common personal finance terms Learn how to manage personal finances establish and balance a budget and stay out of debt Loan - Buydown Adjustable-Rate Mortgage ARM - - Buydown Adjustable-Rate Mortgage ARM By Power hellip

Women and personal finance management can go hand in hand

By all means it has been seen that women s lives have changed considerably through the last few decades According to the government report it has been seen that the women in America are still deprived when it comes to managing personal finances although they have improved and gained power economically and socially Women have

Prosper: Create the Life You Really Want

Really Are you kidding me This has to be one of the best books for changing your life ever If you want a step by step to a prosperous life then i hope you buy this book Ethan and Randy have got this down to science but i guess helping people create success over the

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

A Random Walk Down Wall Street Completely Revised and Updated Edition Mr Malkiel provides an outstanding all-in-one stock book for the educated but non-technical investor He includes overviews of the financial economic and psychological foundations for stock markets as well as entertaining summaries of the history of stock markets in the world and in the

The Intelligent Investor: The Classic Text on Value Investing

by Benjamin Graham This book is light reading compared to Ben Graham s seminal tome Security Analysis It s easier to read and shorter It s also more up to date Highly recommended for investors of any stripe value or growth The appendix from Warren Buffett s speech at Columbia University is particularly entertaining as

Take control of your personal finances

Do you manage your money or money control you? Does your money work for you or are you working for money? The answers to these questions depend on what you know about personal finance and money management. Learn how to manage your personal finances such as investing, budgeting, debt management and small business ideas. A personal budget is absolutely critical for anyone that is committed to taking control of their personal finances.

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